Monetary Donations

Consider a cash donation. We can purchase food from government subsidized sources at a much lower rate than retail stores, thereby extending your cash donation as it relates to pounds of food.

Consider a sustaining monthly donation. This can be done in person, by mail, or via the website.

Consider making a donation to the pantry in lieu of gifts for your celebrations or in memoriam

You can also specify if you’d like your donation to go towards our new building by allocating it to the Building Fund in the donation description.

Items To Donate

Meal kits that include all the ingredients Pancake or muffin mix that only requires water
Canned soups, pasta, and meat
Baking supplies (flour, sugar, oil, shortening, baking soda/powder, vanilla extract)
Seasonings of all kinds (garlic, pepper, salt, chili powder)
Rice and beans
Feminine hygiene products
Baby diapers and wipes
Paper products (toilet paper, paper towel, facial tissue)



Sign up to volunteer. We need all kinds of talent! Questions can be directed to our Community Coordinator:
Work shifts in the store.
Stock shelves.
Unload donations and deliveries.
Pick up donations.
Assist with community outreach and awareness.
Plan and support fundraising efforts.
Provide technical support.
Serve on the Board of Directors

Children volunteers must be at least 14 years of age and with a parent or guardian during all volunteer hours, until the age of 18.

We are currently following all COVID-19 protocols per the Wisconsin Department of Health.

You can fill out the Volunteer Application below!

Donate Venison to the DNR

If you are a deer hunter, consider donating venison to the DNR. They process and donate the hamburger to the local pantries.

Helping is Rewarding

“I feel fortunate, and while various church efforts, scouting organizations and community food drives help supply the pantry, I want to do my part as well.”
-RFCFP Donor

“I have written checks to various charities and foundations for years and continue to do so, but the satisfaction of working at the food pantry, as compared to writing those checks, is far greater. I am making a positive effect in my own community, meeting neighbors that are in need, and helping them survive what hopefully will be temporary situations. I was in the same situation when first married, trying to make ends meet and feed my family, but I don’t remember any comparable resources. Many in our community don’t know about the help that we provide; I want to help change that and make their lives more comfortable.”
-RFCFP Volunteer

“Many of our clients need to talk with someone and tell their stories. That isn’t always easy for them, but in the privacy of our office with a willing listener, they often open up their hearts.”
-RFCFP Volunteer

Fundraising Ideas

Penny Wars: Find large glass jars and place them in a common area. Have a competition to see which group can earn the post point. Pennies are positive points, silver coins and paper money are negative points to be put in the opposing group’s jars.

Competitions: Create competitions between groups, grades, or departments to see who can collect the most money or goods. Example: Group A collects peanut butter, Group B collects tuna. Groups can compete for prizes or bragging rights.

New Chef: Organize aspiring chefs to cook a special lunch, snack, or any meal. Charge your group a suggested donation. Add to this by having individuals vote for the best dish. Example: $1=1 vote. All proceeds will benefit the River Falls Food Pantry.

Celebrations in the Community: Gather your group for a party or other event you might normally hold, but ask guests to bring a cash or food donation to benefit the pantry.